orchid cactus care

Orchid Cactus Care Guide + Tips

Big flowers with vibrant colors make the orchid cactus a delightful plant to add to your succulent collection. With the proper, you’ll be able to enjoy waves of flowers for several weeks during the epiphyllum orchid cactus bloom time. Growing this plant is an absolute joy. The only tricky part is watering it, which should …

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pencil cactus

Pencil Cactus Care (Euphorbia)

Despite its name, the pencil cactus is not actually a cactus, but a euphorbia. There are thousands of euphorbia, and all of them when injured, release an irritating milky white latex sap. Because of this feature, some people think that it is better to consider other cacti to grow rather than the pencil cactus AKA …

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jumping cactus

Jumping Cactus, How Does It Work?

The world of succulents and cacti never ceases to amaze us. Among all the exotic plants that you can find in this category, one name certainly captures the attention: the jumping cholla cactus, or simply the jumping cactus. This interesting cactus belongs to the cholla genus. This genus has about 35 species of cylindroid-jointed cacti. …

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