Cost of Painting a House in Canada 2023

Cost of Painting a House in Canada 2023

Painting your interior or exterior walls always makes you feel better so you can get rid of that old look of your house. But here, a question arises in mind: how much is the cost of painting in Canada?

Totally, there is a specific price of $30 to $79 per gallon for painting in Canada. Of course, by specific price, we do not mean that the price of a painting is always stable and won't change.

On the contrary, the average price for a house in Toronto depends on many factors, such as the dimensions of the room, quantity and quality of the color, labor, and materials, and many other factors that are discussed in this article.

Without any delay, we are going to discuss the price of painting a house in Canada and mention some of the most important variables that impact this amount.

Cost of Painting in Canada

Cost of painting in Canada

As you noticed, in the introduction section we mentioned that the price of $30 to $79 per gallon is the average cost of painting in Canada.

But the problem is, that the range between these two numbers is too broad and many variables can affect it.

Quantity and Quality

First and foremost, it is the quantity and quality of the chosen color that affect the average painting cost in Canada.

There is no need to mention the larger the surface you want to paint, the more cost you must pay for painting.

On the other hand, the quality of your chosen color also plays an important role in determining the exact price of the painting.

Note: do not assume that looking for the cheapest colors and choosing one saves you more money. On the contrary, you should know most of the cheap colors offer you no quality and withstand a shorter time.

Different Finishes

Different Finishes

Another important element you should pay attention to when calculating the cost of painting in Canada is the different finishes (flat, semi-gloss, and high-glass) and their suitability.

The average painting cost in Canada for each of these different kinds of paintings is mentioned below:

  • Flat: $30 and up
  • Semi-gloss: $60 and up
  • High-gloss: $40 and up

As you might guess, flat finishes are the best options if your house (or the room you want to paint) faces the light, is too shiny in daylight, or completely reflects the light coming from outdoors.

Besides, you must keep in mind that if the room for painting is too gloomy and catches little light (in simple words if it has a dark space), using a flat painting color makes the room darker.

In such situations with dark rooms, your best option is to choose semi-gloss and high-gloss painting colors to make your room look bigger and shiny.

Latex vs. Oil-based Paint

Latex and oil-based paints are another two kinds of paints that you should pay attention to when choosing your favorite painting color.

Generally speaking, the cost of painting in Canada for each gallon is about $25 for mid-grade and $125 for high-grade painting colors.

Latex color painting is the most popular option for interior painting and costs $35 to $80 per gallon.

On the other hand, are oil-based painting colors that are not as popular as latex painting colors in Canada, but still being used for interior paintings. These painting colors cost you between $25 to $70 per gallon.

Interior vs. Exterior Painting

Interior vs. Exterior Painting

Did not you know that, did you? Many do not consider the factor of painting the interior or exterior, since they assume the cost of painting in Canada for both of them is the same, but it is not.

In simple words, if you are dealing with multiple storeys or an exterior with a bad repair, the price of a painting will increase.

On the other hand, oddly shaped rooms or high ceilings can also impact the price and increase it.

Generally speaking, interior painting costs range from $2.25 to $3 per square foot, depending on the project complexity and other factors that were discussed before.

For example, the average cost to paint an interior space is calculated based on these prices:

  • 10 * 14 ft.: $280 - $420
  • 12 * 18 ft.: $432 - $648
  • 14 * 16 ft.: $448 - $672
  • 16 * 20 ft. $640 - $960
  • 22 * 18 ft.: $1.232 - $1.848

But what about the cost of painting in Canada for exterior spaces? To answer this question, you should first consider whether your home is a single-storey or multi-storey:

  • Single-storey: $2.000 and up
  • Multiple-storey: $5.000 and up

Generally, exterior painting costs typically start at $3.000 to 7.000 + HST for an average-size home (1.500 to 2.000 square feet).

Importance of Pre-premiered Paint


Another key factor you must pay attention to before wondering about the cost of painting in Canada is the importance of using primer in achieving optimal paint coverage.

The first reason you should consider using a primer before starting painting is to streamline the process and get the best results.

Another reason is that making use of primer eliminates the use of an undercoat, meaning it will save you time, energy, and money.

A major reason that makes you consider using primer, is that it helps your color come out true when dry, it is especially true for dark colors.

If you need complete coverage without any effect from the old painting, the primer also lessens the need for additional coats, so it is excellent for your goal.

It is also good to note that the cost of using a primer before painting is in the range of $7 to $20 depending on the brand you choose.

What is The Average Painting Cost per Specific Room?

Till now, we have mentioned key factors with the most impact on the cost of painting in Canada.

Another major point that should be pointed out in the subject of the price of painting a house, is the average painting cost per specific room.

For example, the average cost to paint a bathroom in Canada is $250 to $300 for small and $400 to $500 + HST for larger bathrooms.

Other rooms’ painting costs are as follows:

  • Hallways: for an average Toronto home $1.000 to $1.500 + HST and for larger hallways $3.000 to $4.000
  • Living room, Dining room, Dens, Kitchens: $400 to $900 + HST
  • Bedrooms: $400 to $800 + HST

How Much Does It Cost to Paint Doors?

How Much does It cost to paint doors

It is also good to have some basic information about the cost of painting doors with different sizes.

Below we have mentioned the three major types of doors and the painting cost for each one.

Flat Doors

Flat doors are the easiest types of doors to paint and the painter uses a brush for painting hinges, door handles, and the frame.

Before starting to paint flat doors, the painter will simply remove the handles or just mask them. The average cost of painting the flat door is $70 to $80.

Raised Panel Doors

Raised panel doors need more skill and time to get painted since they have multiple panels and of course, their cost of painting is more; about $90 to $100.

French Doors

Painting French doors is harder than the other two kinds of doors and undoubtedly needs a higher level of precision.

The average cost of painting in Canada for this type of door is around $200.

What Are The Most Popular Painting Colors Brand?

So far, we discussed the major factors that have the most impact on increasing or decreasing the average painting cost in Canada.

In this section, we are going to walk you through some of the most popular color painting brands, from which you can easily pick your favorite one. We also mention each brand’s average prices per gallon.

Farrow and Ball

Farrow and Ball provides you with a limited color selection compared to other painting color companies, but since they have a detailed color formulation, you can pick up your color from this brand’s list which is offered at a cost of $130 to $150 per gallon.


Backdrop is the best shot for you if you are looking for a less overwhelming shopping process.

This small direct-to-consumer company helps you to select your favorite painting color as easily as possible. The average price of this company is $69 per gallon.


You have probably heard of Sherwin-Williams company, for it has been around since 1866 and because of this, you can completely trust the quality they offer. This company offers its painting colors at the price of $80 per gallon.

Other popular color painting companies are mentioned below:

  • Clare: $65 per gallon
  • Behr: Ultra $45 per gallon
  • Benjamin Moore: $95 per gallon
  • Valspar: $20 per gallon

How Should We Measure The Amount of Painting Color We Need?

Amount of Paint color we need

Last but not least on the cost of painting in Canada article, you must know how to measure the amount of painting color you need for your room.

Generally speaking, the rule of thumb is every gallon is enough for every 300 or 400 square feet. In other words:

  • One gallon of color painting is enough for a small room.
  • Two gallons of color painting (800 square feet) are enough for an average-size room.
  • Three gallons of color painting (1.200 square feet) are enough for a large room.

Note: it must be understood that rounding measurements and accounting for cathedral ceilings have great importance, since measuring the amount of painting color for cathedral ceilings is not the same as other standard ceilings; meaning it might need more painting color.


When choosing the right painting color of the best brand that suits your room the best, considering many factors is crucial.

These factors include quantity and quality, exterior and interior, different finishes, and using primer.

Each of these factors has its own important role in determining the cost of painting in Canada and we discussed them all in detail.

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