15 DIY Throw Pillow Ideas from Scratch

“How to make decorative pillows at home?” This question has to have one of the easiest answers in the world. Instead of buying throw pillows at different stores, immerse yourself in the colorful and cuddly world of DIY throw pillows. There are even tons of DIY pillows with no-sew needed to make the process easier.

So if you are looking for a quick way to redecorate your room or den, forget about repainting, moving your heavy stuff, or even buying throw pillows! Which by the way, can be quite pricy. We recommend giving the DIY pillow ideas below a try. These charming and creative homemade pillow ideas are from around the web. So we are pretty sure that you will find a DIY pillow that fits your taste and décor.

DIY Throw Pillows (No Sew)

Let’s cover the no-sew DIY throw pillows first. For our first no-sew suggestion, you don’t need many things. Plus, making this homemade pillow will only take about 20 minutes of your time (even less if you’re a pro). All you need is about 1.5 yards of burlap, a fabric of your choice, iron-on tape, scissors, and an iron. Find more details on this idea here. Don’t forget that you can make this project with seasonal fabrics and change them each season.

You can use the T-shirt that you don’t use anymore as no-sew DIY throw pillow covers too. This idea is also great for gifting throw pillows. All you need to do is find a T-shirt with someone’s favorite band, quote, or even sports team, cut a fringe into it, fill it with DIY pillow stuffing, and tie up the fringes to hold it. Repurposing flannel shirts to get super-soft pillows is another option. You can find the tutorial here.

Another no-sew DIY pillow idea includes buying a decorative pillow cover of your choice and a few pieces of peel-and-stick craft felt. Simply trace the letters or shapes that you want on the felt, and cut them out. Next, lay them out on the pillow cover (to get the spacing correct), peel the back off the shapes, and press to the fabric one at a time. Viola! Your homemade throw pillow is ready.

DIY Pillow Ideas in Animal Shapes

We’ve found an adorable homemade pillow idea that is shaped like animals. If you like animals, you’re going to love this idea, as would children. You can make these DIY throw pillows from scratch in any animal shape that you want. When you’re done, make sure to add color to them with pom poms. This project requires some sewing, but it’s not difficult at all.

These super comfortable DIY animal shaped pillows are just perfect for or little ones’ rooms or nurseries. You will need felt, colorful pom poms, sewing machine, hand sewing needle and thread, pins, scissors, poly stuffing, hot glue gun, printable animal cracker templates, and chalk or pencil for this project. Here you’ll find the detailed Instructions.

DIY Throw Pillows with Zipper

DIY throw pillow covers with zipper are convenient to clean and therefore popular. DIY throw pillows with zipper are easier than you think. Fabric, a pillow insert, a zipper, a sewing machine, a zipper foot, and a few other things for this project. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner. The clear and step by step instructions that you’ll find here will help you have a nice throw pillow with zipper.

DIY Knot Pillow

DIY knot pillow is one of the best ones in the latest trends. As simple as making these pillows is, they are sophisticated enough for your living room sofa. For refreshing your décor using this idea, the material you’ll need is thick stretchy cotton fabric (or any stretchy material), wrapping paper cardboard tube, dry polyester fiberfill, and other things like a ruler, sewing machine, sewing pins, and scissors.

DIY knot pillows are very affordable. But if you choose an expensive fabric, they can cost as much as a store-bought pillow version. Consider making several DIY knot pillows in various sizes and colors to place in different rooms. Also, don’t forget about your pillow’s second use: a volleyball for impromptu living room matches at game night! Check the tutorial here and get started.

DIY Boho Throw Pillows

If sewing is not one of my strong suits, but you really like having homemade boho pillows, today is your lucky day. You may need to buy a few materials for this DIY boho pillow. Or, you can look around and find what you need. In any case, when you are done, you’ll have a lovely boho style pillow that gives your space a nice bohemian hint.

Find the tutorial here and enjoy the fun process of adding some texture to your home.

DIY Textured Throw Pillows

Textured homemade throw pillows ideas look difficult. But actually, they are easy and fun to make (at least this one is). You can basically make a pillow cover with a couple of fat quarters and a pillow form under an hour.

The good thing is that depending on the fabrics of your choosing, these pillows work perfectly with both traditional and modern decor. When choosing a fabric for this project, go for a solid, or a small scale pattern. This way your smocking will be easy to spot. To make these DIY textured throw pillows extra quick, they are hand sewn shut with no zippers. Here is the full tutorial.

You can also make a round textured rosette pillow, like the ones that you can find in high-end home furnishings stores. But don’t let it intimidate you. You can totally finish this project with no problem. Check the tutorial here and see how easy this DIY pillow is for yourself. A gathered throw pillow can also make your plain sofa interesting. You can follow the 8 simple steps in this tutorial and have a lovely throw pillow.

DIY Christmas Throw Pillows

There are a few things that can give your home a Christmassy look like DIY Christmas throw pillows. But you’ll need to pay a hefty price for the ones in the store. So why not trying different DIY throw pillows from scratch with a Christmas theme? And even if you like minimal DIY throw pillow covers better, try making a few with green and red (no snowflakes or candy canes). The traditional colors of green and red coordinate with your theme perfectly.

You can find our first suggestion here. If you like plaid, you’ll fall in love with this idea. Additionally, these DIY Christmas throw pillows were made using an applique method. So if you’re not a professional in sewing or just don’t have the time, you can leave out that step. If you haven’t a throw pillow or a pillowcase, you can start your collection with this creative tutorial.

We have a more modern idea for you too. It gives you a pillow that is impossible to ignore with 4 bells on its corners and the shiny words reading: “Jingle all the way”. You can customize this tutorial with different typefaces and words too. Find the full instruction for this DIY Christmas pillow here.

Homemade Sweater Pillows

Pillows are cozy enough on their own. But you can have even cozier throw pillows with upcycling sweaters. If you don’t have any old sweaters, just visit your local thrift store and find one there. All you need to do is cut the sweater material to the size and shape of your throw pillow, sew it together, and DIY pillow stuffing. Done! See the full instructions here.

DIY Outdoor Throw Pillows

Many of us look for homemade throw pillows ideas that are suitable for the outdoors. If you have a space for gathering outdoors with furniture, pillows are the best option to make it warm, comfortable, and bright. DIY pillow ideas for outdoors can be actually quite easy. Choose any of the tutorials in this list and make them with hardy and durable fabrics and you’ll have outdoor pillows.

If you prefer a specific tutorial, there is a charming envelope-style pillowcase for outdoors that you can make with cotton fabric, fabric scissors, a sewing machine, straight pins, and waterproofing fabric spray. Instead of cotton fabric, you can use outdoor fabric or a thick cotton/twill that you can waterproof too. See the detailed tutorial here.

A Kool-Aid dyed pillow is another quick and super easy idea in DIY outdoor throw pillows. This idea is also really affordable (less than 5 dollars!). The weather is going to be warm soon, so give this project a try and have some lovely throw pillows around when having a meal or playing games outside.

And there you have it. 15 homemade throw pillows ideas from scratch. We hope that you’ve found the tutorial you were looking for, or inspiration to come up with your unique idea. When it comes to homemade throw pillows ideas, the sky is the limit. There are tons of other ideas out there. But we are almost 100% percent sure about something, whatever project you choose, it won’t be your last.

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