Homemade Fly Trap In 3 Super Easy Steps!

homemade fly trap indoor

Have you ever noticed how much those pesky flies find their way through the smallest holes into your house to bother you all they long, but seem like they are absolutely unable to find the way out? Keeping this in mind, you can find an effective homemade fly trap with a few simple items in no time.

Whether you are looking for a home fly trap for indoors, outdoors, with or without vinegar, etc., we have a set of instructions to make one homemade fly trap to catch flies anywhere using the bait of your choosing!


Homemade Fly Trap: What Do You Need

To make a house fly trap with no pesticides or toxic chemicals, you will need:

  • Repurposed plastic two-liter bottle
  • Bait (see below)
  • Serrated knife
  • Water

Only using these items, you will be able to make this homemade fly trap indoor. However, with a few more items you can make a better trap, which both catches the flies better and it is even easier to make/use.

For an upgraded home fly trap you will also need:

  • Liquid dish soap
  • Permanent marker
  • Vinegar
  • Glue or tape
  • Hole punch and wire (for hanging traps)

Keep in mind that all of these are optional.


Home Fly Trap: How to Make It

To make this DIY tarp, start with:


Preparing the Bottle

With the marker, draw a line around the bottle below its tapered neck. For more safety and to avoid damaging your work surface, place the bottle on a cut board and cut along the line using a sharp knife.

To assemble your homemade fly trap, remove the cap, flip the top of the bottle upside down, and slide it into the bottom part to form a funnel. You can glue it or tape it, but it usually snuggles there on its own.


Baiting and Placing the Fly Trap

Before baiting your DIY fly trap indoors, fill the bottom of the bottle with a couple of inches of water. There should be a gap between the bottom of the funnel and the water’s surface.

Add the smelly bait of your choosing and a drop or two of liquid dish soap, which clings to the flies’ wings and makes your trap more effective. Keep In mind that if you are going to use this homemade fly trap outdoors, use the most pungent bait that you have available.

When the home fly trap is ready, place it where the bugs are pestering you the most and watch them as they fall into the pits of your genius trap.

Tip: To keep bees out of your indoor or outdoor trap, add a little bit of vinegar to the bait.


home fly trap


Making a Hanging Fly Trap

For a hanging house fly trap, punch two holes (through both layers) at the top of the container using a hole punch. Next, simply thread a piece of wire through the holes, crimp the ends, and you are done.


Maintaining the Trap

Do not forget to empty the dead flies and re-bait the trap regularly. If you decide to use baits like meat or animal droppings, destroy any larvae that you find in your trap as well. For this, you can rinse the bottle with hot water or make a new one.


Homemade Fly Trap: What Baits to Use

Flies love sweet, smelly things. So a sweeter and smellier is going to do better in attracting these creatures. Some of the best baits to make a homemade fly trap indoor and outdoor include:

  • Sugar water or honey water
  • Overripe or slightly rotten fruit (bananas and strawberries work best)
  • Some raw meat, a pinch of ground meat, or trimmings from a steak
  • Fresh animal manure, chicken litter, or rabbit pellets

Remember that the longer the bait sits, the better. So feel free to let it fester and ferment a bit.


Have You Tried House Fly Traps?

If you live in warm climates or near animal pens or pastures, flies are a real problem. Even in colder climates, the spring and when the sun begins to warm the walls of the home flies come out from their winter. Hopefully, this DIY will help you get rid of these bugs.

They hatch each season, so if you set out the trap when the first flies appear, the trap will catch most of them before they lay eggs for the next cycle, which leads to minimizing fly outbreaks.

Have ever used a homemade fly trap? How effective was it? What was the best bait in your opinion? Let us know in the comments.

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