Best House Paint Color Ideas You Will Love

Best House Paint Color Ideas You Will Love

Are you tired of your old house painting and looking for new paint colors to choose from? No worries! We are here to help you with house paint color ideas for both outdoor and indoor designs.

House paint color matters! Since you spend most of your lifetime in your house, choosing a paint color you like is a great decision.

You may not notice, but the painting colors you consider for your interior design largely impact your mood when you are at home.

On the other hand, exterior house colors determine the general look and design of your house which anyone sees. So, why not choose a paint color that gives a modern look to your house?

In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular house design ideas that are currently trending and you will never get tired of.

Popular Interior House Paint Color Ideas

House paint color ideas

Below we have listed three house color ideas, each with different shades that you can consider for interior house color and design.

1.     Neutral Tones

Neutral tones

If you are a fan of neutral paint colors that are not too shiny and if you don’t want your house walls to draw attention, then neutral tones are the perfect choice for you.

There are two neutral tones which we are going to talk about below and also show you how they look on your walls.

        I.            Beige and its variations

Beige and its variations

If you are interested in chocolate color but it is too intense for you, the beige color and its variations are the best options as the house paint color ideas.

     II.            Gray shades

Gray shades

Gray shades give your house some kind of dark mood, so if you want your indoor mood to be shiny and bright, this is not what you are looking for.

2.     Bold Colors

Bold colors

Bold colors make your house stand out among others and have a fresh mood. The thing you must be aware of about bold colors is you can only match them with furniture painted with specific colors.

In other words, you may not simply choose a bold color for your house wall and after that randomly choose your furniture. Of course, this is not impossible, but you may not achieve your desired house interior design you were looking for.

Here are the two most popular bold colors people prefer:

        I.            Navy blue

Navy Blue

The dark shade of blue color is called navy blue. The interesting fact about navy blue is that you can simply pair it with different shades; such as greens, oranges, reds, etc.

     II.            Forest green

Forest green

Are you a big fan of nature and you like your house to feel like it too? If yes, the forest green as a perfect house paint color idea is perfect for you. You can pair it with different shades of yellow to feel completely happy and free.

3.     Pastel Hues

Pastel hues

If you want your house to have a relaxing, calm mood, pastel hues are the best options. Since pastel shades are less intense than bold colors, make you feel comfortable.

These colors are usually described as soft, pale colors and have people unconsciously feel home at wherever they are with pastel hues. We have shown you what it looks like to paint your house with two popular shades of pastel hues.

        I.            Soft pink

Soft pink

Soft pink gives you peace, and it is the most important feeling you must experience at your home. Soft pink is also easily paired with different shades of pastel colors.

     II.            Minit green

Minit green

There is an interesting saying about the color mint green: choosing this color as your house paint color idea brings health, good luck, and tranquility to your life. It is also a light color and gives a happy mood to your home.

Exterior House Paint Color Trends

Of course, it is an important subject to most people, which is what their houses look like according to others who see the exterior side of their house.

This point matters so much that even if you own a house with the interior house walls painted the best, but the exterior paint color is too old or improper, it looks like the indoor design might be the same.

Here we have the three most popular exterior house colors from which you can get house paint color ideas.

1.     Classic White

Classic white

Classic white is an Classic Paint color but trendy color that is mostly preferred to other bold colors between the exterior house paint ideas. This color gives the exterior side of your house a simple, but popular look.

2.     Earthy Tones

If you have never heard of earthy tones as house paint color ideas, you should know the palette of colors that are the same as natural materials and landscapes are described as earthy tones.

These exterior house colors are not bright or intense, so give a kind of calm, peaceful mood to your house. Here are two shades of earthy tones:

        I.            Terracotta

Terra cota

The terracotta color is one of the best options among the exterior house paint color ideas. This outdoor paint scheme is a rich, warm earthy tone with a touch of brown.

     II.            Olive green

Olive green

Olive green is a great option if you want to feel closer to the natural world. Olive green evokes wisdom, space, and compassion for humanity.

3.     Modern grays

If you are looking for some shades as perfect backdrops for accent colors, modern grays are the best options.

These house paint color ideas are not as stark as other colors, so provide you with a more subtle contrast with other colors. The two shades of modern grays are mentioned below.

        I.            Charcoal gray

Charcoal gray

When contrasted with softer neutral colors, charcoal gray is a striking and stylish substitute for black.

Because it provides a flash of color and a lovely natural backdrop, it's a terrific shade to start decorating your exterior house with.

     II.            Slate gray

Slate gray

Generally, slate color have a stunning natural beauty. Slate gray provides a rusty, earthy appearance which enhances the aesthetic of your home.

Accent Wall Ideas

If you have a small house and you are looking for a house paint color ideas that make it look larger, the accent wall house color ideas are the best options.

Below we have mentioned the three most popular accent wall ideas you need to know.

1.     Geometric Patterns

Geometric Patterns

If you want to add an instant personality to your petite apartment living room that is short on square footage, geometric house paint color ideas are a suitable choice. These patterns bring a sense of now to your house.

2.     Ombre Effect

Ombre Effect

Any size or shape of the room may benefit from the ideal focal point that ombre accent walls generate.

Additionally, since you may choose numerous colors for the walls, you can utilize them as the ideal approach to tie in the color scheme and unify the style of your space.

3.     Striped Accents

Striped Accents

Stripped wall accents are one of the best house paint color options for those who are looking to elevate the look of the room with high-contrast straight lines.

Room-Specific Paint Ideas

In this part, we have mentioned two different room-specific paint ideas for both the kitchen and bedrooms.

1.     Kitchen

The house paint color ideas specific to the kitchen are the most important to the woman in the house because they spend most of their time in this place.

So if your wife’s mood is important to you, let's see what you can do to improve it while she is in the kitchen.

        I.            Warm yellows

Warm yellows

If your kitchen has limited light and you want it to get brighter, warm yellow shades are the best choices on the table. These shades also make the kitchen cozier.

     II.            Aqua blues

Aqua Blues

You might be surprised about this house paint color idea, but aqua blue shades are the only hues that promote energy as well as induce calm.

2.     Bedroom

What is more important than chilling and relaxing in your bedroom? The wall painting and design of the bedroom have great importance, so we have mentioned two ideas below for wall painting.

        I.            Calming lavender

Claming lavander

Along with its religious connotations, calming lavender is described as a color that is associated with cleanliness, healing, and relaxation.

     II.            Deep burgundy

Deep burgundy

If you want to breathe warmth and elegance into your room, the deep burgundy shades are the best choices.

Exterior Trim and Door Color Ideas

Another important issue you must think of when choosing house paint color ideas is the exterior trim and door color. The good news is we have listed some options for that matter too.

1.     Bold Red

Bold red

Generally speaking, bold and intense colors are mostly used for exterior trims and door color ideas. Bold red is not an exception, it is energetic, warm, and demands other’s attention.

2.     Elegant black

Elegant black

The elegant black is another good choice you can make for exterior trim and door color. It always adds a touch of sophistication and is also eye-catching.

3.     Vibrant Blue

Vibrant blue

Another house paint color idea, known as vibrant blue, is an ever-popular paint color you can consider for your exterior trim and door color ideas, acting as a both neutral and bold color.

Seasonal Color Schemes

The last thing we are going to talk about in the house paint color ideas list is seasonal indoor and outdoor color schemes.

Below we have recommended the most four popular seasonal color schemes people desire.

1.     Spring-inspired palette

Spring-inspired palette

Spring-inspired palette colors are breezy and fresh hues which turn your home into an optimistic, lighthearted space.

2.     Summer-friendly shades

Summer-friendly shades

Painting colors such as pale yellow, lavender, and powder yellow adds a touch of summer-friendly, bright, and happy mood to your house.

3.     Warm autumn hues

Warm autumn hues

Warm autumn hues are another house paint color idea which include colors such as deep orange, golden yellow, and rich browns, creating an appealing ambiance in your house.

4.     Cool winter tones

Cool winter tones

The last house color idea we are going to mention is the cool winter tones that make your house feel more calming, or bring some kind of sadness to the space. Some winter tones include purple, blue-green, and cyan.


House paint color ideas are endless, and you can match and pair different hues and shades to create something new you are interested too.

Of course, some color combinations are known as the most popular shades that are used as interior, or exterior house colors which we pointed out in this list.

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