11 House Painting Tools to Make Painting Easier

11 House Painting Tools to Make Painting Easier

Painting house interiors or exteriors can be too exhausting sometimes, especially if there are many walls to paint. But no worries! House painting tools are here to make painting as easy as possible.

Wall painting tools include many different accessories, each of them made for a specific activity in house painting.

House painting does not just consist of putting the brush in color and painting the walls with it, but this activity includes many more steps and details that you might not be aware of. Each of these steps, needs you to use a specific painting equipment.

Keep in mind that cheap, low-quality paint equipment makes house painting more time-consuming, rather than easier. So, when providing the house painting tools you need, you must pay great attention to the quality of the tools.

In this post, we mention and discuss the 11 most essential painting accessories you must pay attention to, before starting to paint the house.

11 Most Essential House Painting Tools

Here we are going to walk you through the most important painting materials you will definitely need for an easy house painting.

1.     Paint Edgers

Paint edgers

If you have some experience in house painting, you definitely know that painting tight spots, such as ceiling lines and edges of walls, is not that easy with typical brushes. Here, paint edgers come to help you get your work done.

This house painting tool is the best painting stuff for painting around doors and along baseboards.

Professional painters also use paint edgers instead of painter's tapes to have a quicker, simpler job.

Some of the pros of this handy tool include:

  • Prevent bumping paint to places you don’t want it to go
  • Provides you with a thick cutting-in border
  • No need to keep your hand steady

Some downsides of paint edgers may include:

  • For smaller places, a narrow paintbrush is more useful
  • The edge of the paint edger may get loaded as you go on


2.     Paint Drop Cloths

Paint Clothes

First things first. If you are going to paint your house, paint drop cloth is the first house painting tool you must think about.

This wall painting tool helps you keep paint drops away from where you don’t want to get colored or painted. Some advantages paint drops cloths provide include:

  • Easily protect lawns and hardscapes like patios and walkways
  • Absorbs paint drops without leaking through the fabric
  • Cost-effective and disposable
  • Useful for the outdoor projects since they are resistance

However, there might be some disadvantages to this house painting tool:

  • They might be slippery for indoor projects
  • Must get taped down for more stability
  • Canvas paint drop cloths are pricier


3.     Painters Tape

Painters tape

Painters tape is another crucial house painting tool that helps you have the cleanest, crispiest edges.

This house painting tool is also used as a substitute for paint edgers, however, professional painters mostly use painter's tape in place of paint edgers.

Advantages of using painters tape include:

  • Save time preparing for painting
  • Paint several times with one tape
  • Quick removal after the painting is over
  • No need for razor blades
  • After up to 21 days, the tape will not use holding power
  • Comes in different sizes, types, and widths

Disadvantages of painters tape:

  • Sometimes paint gets under the tape
  • Simple to use but time-consuming
  • Achieved results are not always perfect


4.     Palette Knife Painting

Palette Knife Painting

If you are looking for a house painting tool with which you can easily mix the colors and make your desired color, the palette knife painting is the best option for you.

The palette knife is a blunt tool painters usually use for mixing or applying different colors. This wall painting tool has a flexible blade, which allows you to simply mix and apply the colors without needing to use another tool besides it.

These art knives generally come in two groups: palette knives with pointed tips and palette knives with rounded tips.

It is also good to know that if you want to mix the colors in the palette, rounded knives are the best, and if you need a palette knife to paint on canvas, knives with pointed tips are the most suitable.

Besides, palette knives are also used in cooking, not just painting. Below we have mentioned the most important advantages of these paint accessories:

  • Allows you to dab a large amount of color into walls, canvas, etc.
  • Gives you a chalky, less smooth effect
  • Useful when a lot of texture is needed while painting

Some cons of using palette knife painting include:

  • They might be too small to paint walls
  • Might be tricky to use for a beginner


5.     Paint Sprayer Options

Paint Sprayer options

Are you in a hurry and you need to get your house painting done as soon as possible? If yes, prepare a paint spray, start painting your walls, and see how fast your job is done.

The house painting tool is one of the house painting tools that helps you get rid of the time-consuming tools, saving you more time and energy.

Besides, it is not this only reason that makes you use a paint sprayer option. This wonderful paint equipment gives you a smooth finish, without any brush marks.

So if you want to paint your house as fast as possible, soft, and without any marks, the paint sprayer options are the best.

Other advantages include:

  • Won’t end up with the lines where you started and stopped
  • No need to use a ladder

Some disadvantages include:

  • You might be going to clean the spots you did not want to get sprayed
  • Won’t give you a clean job as brushes or rollers
  • Consumes more paint than a roller
  • You must always use a face shield with paint sprayer


6.     Paint Mixing Tools

Paint mixing tools

Sometimes you cannot find your favorite color and you’ll have to mix different colors to find out which color is what you want.

In such situations, you must first provide paint mixing tools, so that you can mix and apply them without any trouble. Some of the most useful these house painting tools include:

Paint shaker

  • Paint shakers: paint shakers are used to help shake the paints safely and effectively, without worrying about leaking.
  • Paint mixers: paint mixers are units that play the role of spoons and help you completely stir up the paint. The best paint mixers available, are wooden and plastic units that can be used with all types of paints.
  • Paint mixing cups: paint mixing cups are mainly used for measuring how much paint you want to use. Also, they are perfect for mixing more than one paint, to create a new shade. Paint mixing cups differ not only in the case of size and design, they are also made of various materials. Paint mixing cups are made from paper, plastic, and steel, which the first one is a one-time used product but the latter can be used several times.

Paint mixing cups

The advantages of using these house painting tools include:

  • Easily mix any colors you want
  • They give you paint without lumps or inconsistencies
  • Find out how much paint you should exactly mix with other colors
  • They help you have the most accurate paint measurement

The only disadvantage of using these painters' tools may include:

  • Providing all of the paint mixing tools might be pricy


7.     House Paint Storage Solutions

House paint storage

Another solution you must think of before starting to paint your house is house paint storage solutions. How should we store the leftovers of paint after we are done?

The answer is easy: use some house painting tools, such as wide-mouth canning jars, labels, paint stirrers, and a bucket of water to clean paint sticks while moving from can to can.

Wide-mouth jars are the perfect choice for storing painting leftovers since you can easily pour the paints in them without leaking them around the jars.

When you are done pouring the paints into the jars, close and label them. On their label, you should mention their important information, such as their brand, color, type, sheen/ finish, and room/ furniture.


8.     Best House Paint Brush

Best House Paint Brush

When talking about house painting tools, a proper paintbrush is the first thing that comes into our minds.

In other words, there are various types of brushes with different designs, sizes, and materials. But the question is; how do we choose the best brand of brush that fits our needs?

No worries! Below we have mentioned some of the best, most popular house paint brushes you can consider for your house painting.

perdura Deck Stain Brush Applicator: Best for Large Areas

If you are thinking of painting a large area, perdura Deck Stain Brush Applicator is the best option for your job.

The head of this paintbrush is designed to be attached to a pole so that you can use it to paint your deck, patio, and porch. Besides, it comes with a case so that you can store the head after use.


  • Compatible with all kinds of paints and colors
  • Includes a bristle comb and a paint can opener


  • Not suitable for small painting projects
  • Pricier than other brushes

Bates Foam Paintbrushes: Best Foam Brush

Bates Foam Paintbrushes are the best house painting tools if your surface does not have too many strokes. This house painting tool is designed to work with most paint and surfaces.

Plus, there is no need for you to worry about dripping the paint, because their foam head completely absorbs paint.


  • Has a wooden handle
  • Provides absorbent foam cells


  • After excessive use, can become flappy
  • Not the best option for large projects

Purdy Sprig Paintbrush: Easiest to store

Do you need a brush to make crisp lines? If yes, the Purdy Sprig Paintbrush is your best choice.

It is designed with stiff bristles, so when you drag it across the surface, it won’t wander. This will ensure that you will get straight lines.


  • Works with all kinds of paints
  • Best for both indoor and outdoor paint jobs
  • Has a hardwood handle


  • The handle might be too thin
  • It may not pick up a big amount of pain

Wooster 5224 Sash Paint Brush: Best to Trim

Wooster 5224 Sash Paint Brush provides you with soft, fine bristles that are the best option for painting trim.

This angled sash brush creates smooth and feathery brush strokes and is great for applying enamels to varnish or metal.


  • Works with various types of paint
  • Comes in different sizes


  • It may rust easily
  • Not the best choice for applying stains


9.     Work Lights for Painters

Work Lights for Painters

Work lights are one of the most critical home painting tools for those who want to achieve the best results of their painting, without any marks or flaws in painting.

Work lights let you see anything you won’t notice when painting without proper lighting. The secret to achieving the best results with this tool is to tilt it so that it shines on the wall you are working on.

Among all work lights for painters, the LED lights are the best options which get a lot of light from a small package.

Some advantages of using work lights include:

  • Come in different styles and designed; each suitable for different jobs
  • Different designs offer various light level
  • Enhance safety and efficiency

A minute disadvantage of work lights is that some of them might be too expensive that painters cannot afford for a simple house painting.


10.Eco-friendly paint options

Eco Friendly Paint

The paint we use for painting our house has a great impact on our well-being because we live with it and breathe the smell of it for the long term. For example, toxic paints are the major reason for most of the ailments.

The question is: what is the solution? The good news is there are many eco-friendly paint options from which we can choose one, and guarantee wellness.

Below, we have created a list of eco-friendly paint options you can consider to get rid of toxic paints:

  • ECOS Paint: Completely free of odors and VOCs, this brand provides you with colorful organic paint that makes you feel good about your house.
  • Clare Paint: 100 percent of these colors are free of VOCs and are completely environmentally- friendly. This brand uses low-waste production methods.
  • Backdrop: This brand is the first climate-neutral paint company and all of its interior and exterior paints are low VOCs.
  • Graham & Brown: Provides you with eco-friendly wallpapers and paints, including more than 400 low VOCs and water-based colors.

Advantages of using this type of paint include:

  • They are healthier alternatives to toxic paints
  • More cost-effective compared to the other paints

There might be some disadvantages to these products:

  • They might have more limitations in terms of color options
  • They may not provide the same gloss and performance as other types of paints


11.Paint Stripping Tools

You are tired of your house painting and you are thinking about stripping the old paint and painting the house with a new color. What should you do to get rid of the old paint?

There are many paint-stripping tools available for this job, which we have listed below:

  • Heat guns: This stripping tool is the best option for stripping old paints, varnishes, and other types of paints that won’t easily get stripped.

Heat gun

  • Paint scrapper: The paint scrapper is so bendable, so it is one of the best options for scrapping old paints.
  • Oscillating Multi-Tool: This is a battery-powered device that moves its head in rapid circles and strips the paint.
  • 8-in-1 Painters Tool: This standard tool is not designed just for stripping paint, but it is also used for opening cans and cleaning rolls. In terms of stripping the paint, it is mostly used for thin paints and cleaning out cracks.
  • Wire Brush: Wire Brush is typically used in the last stage of paint removal for removing small chips from the surface. You should know that this tool is not expected to strip stubborn paint.

Advantages of using this tools include:

  • They streamline your job
  • Most of them have a reasonable price you can easily afford

A minor disadvantage might include:

  • Heat guns might be a little pricy



House painting tools are one of the main components when it comes to painting the house, meaning you cannot achieve your desired results without providing the necessary tools.

Equipment such as paint edgers, paint drop cloths, and paint stripping tools are examples of the tools you need to provide before starting to paint your house.

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