Minimalist Home Décor Colors

Minimalist Home Décor Colors

Minimalist home décor colors always bring a sense of calm to any space, whether it is the living room, bedroom, or dining room.

Of course, minimalism is not limited to colors you consider for your interior, it also depends on the furniture you choose and how you design them in your house.

In other words, if you are interested in a minimalist eclectic home, you should not just think about the colors you choose.

By the way, in this post, we have discussed a minimal palette dominated by neutral tones; such as whites, grays, and muted pastels.

Using these minimalist home décor colors helps you to create a peaceful, calm space in your house.


12 Minimalist Home Décor Colors

Below we have mentioned 12 ideas for creating a colorful minimalist home. Considering these painting colors with minimal furniture, you can easily design a totally minimal house.

1. Pure White

Pure white is always the first option in minimalist home décor colors list since the minimal design was first created as an all-white decoration.

Pure white is especially ideal for you if your home is low on square feet and you want it to be seen a little larger.

In other words, pure white walls reflect the light, so the space looks more open and brighter.

Thus, if you have an apartment with limited natural light the pure white painting colors are the best option that provides you with both a minimal décor and a brighter house.

Pure white is always the first option in minimalist home décor colors list

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2. Subtle Gray

Another minimalist home décor color is called subtle gray. Firstly, this minimalist paint color allows you to have fun with other colors, such as bright yellow.

Gray and its various shades let you pair different colors with them, so you have the least limitation in painting your house.

On the other hand, no matter what you plan to choose for painting other walls that suit gray, whether it is a bold color or a minimal natural shade, subtle gray simply allows you to do that.

Subtle gray also provides you with a minimalist eclectic décor, since it is adaptable for the living room, bedrooms, or kitchen.

subtle gray

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3. Soft Beige

The French term "beige" refers to the natural wool hue. Natural, not bleached, colored, or cleaned.

If you need a minimalist home décor color that plays beautifully with other bold and neutral colors, you must choose soft beige without hesitation.

It can also easily be chosen for any space, no matter it is a bedroom, living room, or kitchen. This way, you can have a colorful minimalist home.

Gray and yellow colors may be used with brown and white pigments to make beige and all other beige tones. Beautiful earthy tones and brown tints are the end product.

soft beige

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4. Pale Blue

If you are a fan of nature but do not want to paint your house green and its other shades, consider pale blue.

Because light blue has a link to nature, it might make us feel peaceful. Using a light blue color scheme in a room might make you feel more at ease and rejuvenated by bringing to mind expansive sky or pristine beaches.

South-facing rooms and spaces with lots of natural light are ideal candidates for blue colors.

On the other hand, blue always adds a touch of calmness and serenity, so your have can be turned into a very peaceful place with this minimalist paint color.

home décor color pale blue

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5. Greige (Gray + Beige)

Greige which is a combination of gray and beige, gives your home a calm atmosphere.

This minimalist home décor color not only is considered for small rooms (kitchen and bedroom, for example) and helps them open up but it is also used for large, busy rooms (such as a living room) and gives them a calming effect.

Plus, since greige is a versatile color it allows you to easily shift the mood of your room.

Depending on the tone and tint, it may be warm or cold, and it looks great in almost every room of the house.

minimal home paint color; gray beige

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6. Eucalyptus Green

Eucalyptus Green is a minimalist home décor color that turns your house into a small sample of nature.

With overtones of silver, grey, and blue, that signature hue of green may be equally calming, restorative, and energizing.

It has a moodier tone than celadon and seafoam, and it's richer and bluer than sage green.

Since eucalyptus green has a calming sense that evokes nature and growth, it has been recently used anywhere in interiors, from bedrooms and kitchens to living rooms.

eucalyptus green

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7. Powder Pink

If you want your house to feel both minimal and cute at the same time, your best choice is powder pink.

This minimalist home décor color is a shade of pastel painting color which adds a touch of fun, fresh feeling to your home space.

Whether you're looking for something sweet, bold, or somewhere in between, powder pink paint colors may be surprisingly adaptable, and varied hues of pink paint colors can drastically alter the tone of a space.

powder pink

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8. Charcoal Black

Charcoal Black is another minimalist home décor color that provides your house with a sense of luxury.

Dark grey paint is the preferred choice for everyone who likes a contemporary home.

However, if you're going for a more opulent design with lots of dark ambiance, charcoal is usually a better option.

In contrast to powdery greys that stay close to neutrals mixed with pewter, charcoal is more akin to ordinary black. That being said, working with charcoal paint hues is not difficult.

charcoal black

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9. Warm Taupe

Are you interested in earthy, neutral feels? If so, a warm taupe minimalist home décor color is the best option on the table.

Besides, it is the best option if you have small rooms, and you want them to feel more open and bright.

Warm taupe is especially the best option for north-facing rooms that do not get sun exposure, so they feel darker and cooler. In such cases, warm tape makes them feel larger and warmer.

warm taupe

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10. Soft Lavender

Lavender minimalist home décor color is naturally a caring, emotional, and nurturing color.

You should be noted that lavender comes in a variety of shades, and it is not just soft. Other shades of this minimalist pain color include shades of those with pale undertones to hues with cooler gray undertones.

This color is also associated with springtime and growth, adding a refreshing mode to your house.

soft lavender

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11. Light Sage

Another shade of green, which makes a calming space in your house, is called light sage.

Light sage is a neutral, mid-tone, toad green which is a perfect item to pair with off-white trim to have a restful bedroom.

Light sage is an understated, timeless color for home décor that totally evokes the sense of nature.

Besides, painting your living room with light sage or its other shades, makes your home feel tranquil and reassuring.

light sage

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12. Crisp Navy

The last option in our minimalist home décor colors is crisp navy painting color which adds a bold, modern element to the minimalist color scheme.

If you are considering brighter colors for your colorful minimalist home and you want other brighter colors to pop up, the crisp navy is a good choice.

In other words, this minimalist home décor color compliments all types of décor and it is the perfect choice to add to any room.

Of course, keep in mind that crisp navy is a very dark color that must definitely be paired with other light colors.

crisp navy

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Today, minimalist home design has become popular more than ever, and few people choose the ceremonial and glamorous design.

All in all, there are many various minimalist home décor colors that you can pick your favorite color.

But in this list, we have mentioned the 12 best minimalist paint colors and their pictures help you find out how they look on your walls.

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