Painted Kitchen Cabinet Inspirations

Painted Kitchen Cabinet Inspirations

Considering a quick kitchen makeover and need some painted kitchen cabinet inspirations?

Consider painting your walls a new color, but keep in mind that repainting your cabinets is just as important as painting your walls because they are the most visible feature in any kitchen and should therefore receive more attention than painting your walls.

There are a few things you should take into consideration when repainting your kitchen cabinets: first, how does the rest of your room look?

Second, carefully plan and coordinate; third, consider how the colors will relate to all the other elements and connecting spaces.

Painted Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Here are 30 painted kitchen cabinets to get you motivated for your next remodeling job.


1. Give your cabinets two distinct coats of paint

Unable to decide on just one cabinet color? Give your cabinets two coats of paint. In kitchens, two-toned cabinets are becoming a popular choice between painted kitchen cabinet inspirations.

cabinets with two distinct paints

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Although you are free to choose any two colors you choose, you should generally use a darker hue for your base cabinets to ground them and a lighter shade for your wall cabinets.

2. Adhere to One Center of Attention

There are many ornamental touches in kitchens. Furthermore, you probably don't want them all to be bold if harmony is your main objective.

white cabinets

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Select a focal point. Which will steal the show—the eye-catching backsplash, the exotic marble countertops, or the vibrant cabinets?

Determine if your cabinets are the focal point of the room and, if not, keep them simple.

3. Enhance a Traditional Kitchen with Color

Think about how you may create contrast in your room when selecting a paint hue as an idea for painting kitchen cabinets.

white and blue cabinets

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Principal designer Olga Hanono says she enjoys matching a traditional kitchen with an unexpectedly striking cabinet color.

To add a little creativity, I suggest using a bold color in your kitchen if it's very traditional, she advises.

4. Verify That Your Undertones Align

Another painted kitchen cabinet inspiration is that you first verify that your undertones align.

Don't just take a paint shade at face value when selecting a color. Consider how the undertones of the hue will complement the other undertones in your room by paying attention to their undertones.

pale blue cabinets

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Mistakes are common and often occur due to a conflict of undertones. Generally speaking, undertones are either chilly (blue) or warm (yellow), and you should stick with one or the other.

5. Warm White Cabinets Will Keep it Classic

Keeping things straightforward is perfectly acceptable. For good reason, warm white cabinets are popular; they always look excellent.

white classic cabinets

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You can't go wrong with a basic white cabinet, but we love color and get delighted when a customer lets us "play" with it. Warm white is a popular "go-to" color for cabinets.

If you would like to get more information about warm white cabinets, click here.

6. Coordinate your backsplash with your cabinets

You should use your backsplash as a source of painted kitchen cabinet inspiration so it complements the remainder of your kitchen.

black and gray cabinets

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Either match your backsplash exactly to your cabinets or utilize them as a chance for contrast: Could you soften the impact of your vibrant backsplash by painting your kitchen cabinets a neutral shade?

Here are various different backsplashes for your cabinets.

7. Handle Various Cabinet Styles Distinctively

Consider grouping your paint colors according to the type of your cabinets if you're painting them multiple colors.

brown and white cabinets

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Give your wall cabinets a different color than your base cabinets. Alternatively, paint your floor-to-ceiling cabinets a distinct color from the other types of cabinets in your room.

8. Never Be Afraid to Go Dark

Although black may seem like a strange choice as a painted kitchen cabinet inspiration, both traditional and modern kitchens may benefit from the dramatic neutral. Go ahead and choose a dark hue if that's what draws your eye.

dark cabinets

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9. Use the Same Color from the Floor to the Ceiling

Matching your cabinets to your walls and your ceiling to your walls can help you keep your kitchen looking elegant. Using this top-to-bottom method will result in a single, visually striking wall of color, even if your color choice is white.

white cabinets and walls

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10. Experiment with Texture and Color

When it comes to painted kitchen cabinet inspirations, you may experiment with more than just color. Additionally, texture may provide extra movement to your room.

textured white walls

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You may "give a special touch" to your kitchen by applying a coat of paint over a textured material, such as deep-grained wood or a mesh cabinet door.

11. Earthy Olive Green Cabinets

Your kitchen will feel cozier and more grounded with olive green cabinetry. They look great when paired with stone backsplashes and hardwood counters in a rustic kitchen design.

Your kitchen cabinets can benefit from the stylish and adaptable shade of olive green, which can give them a hint of warmth and refinement.

olive green cabinets

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Here you will find more information and samples for earthy olive green cabinets.

12. Forest Green Cabinets

Homes can't get enough of the calming, natural-looking interiors that are created with colors inspired by nature. Since green is often associated with nature, it is the ideal painted kitchen cabinet inspiration for a kitchen with a natural theme.

forest green cabinets

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Additionally, very adaptable, green kitchen cabinets complement both traditional and modern kitchen designs.

13. Light Mint Green Cabinetry

A mint or light green color scheme may be just as neutral for kitchen cabinet colors as white or grey. The watery hue is perfect for a small area like this one and looks especially well in this kitchen with white equipment.

light mint green cabinets

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14. Lower Cabinets in Neon Yellow

Though yellow is the painted kitchen cabinet inspiration with dark cabinetry, neon colors are starting to become more and more fashionable in design.

The obvious explanation is that it adds a massive statement piece and wonderfully lightens the space.

Neon Yellow cabinets

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A bright and contemporary touch may be added to your kitchen area by choosing neon yellow for your kitchen cabinets. It may evoke a daring and exuberant attitude that makes the kitchen seem cozier and more welcoming.

15. Kitchen Cabinets in Taupe

Although we've always been big fans of natural white, taupe kitchen cabinets give your room a cozy, appealing feel.

Taupe cabinets

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Because taupe is a naturally calming and neutral hue, it creates a peaceful yet unique feeling in your kitchen. Thankfully, taupe kitchen cabinetry is also a popular choice.

16. Black Bottom Cabinets

This light, minimalist galley-style kitchen is grounded by bottom cabinets painted black.

When paired with white walls, marble or granite worktops, and backsplashes, black cabinets provide a striking contrast. They may also be used, though, to connect a few different pieces and provide a more unified look.

Black Bottom Cabinets

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17. Immaculate White Cabinets + Multicolored Wallpaper

When in doubt, going with a versatile and timeless neutral like stark white is quite acceptable.

white cabinets with wallpaper

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In this kitchen, vivid multicolored flowered wallpaper contrasts with spotless white floor-to-ceiling cabinetry surrounding the breakfast nook to create a striking effect that is more easily changed than the paint color of the cabinets over time.

18. Sky Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Invigorating the otherwise bland room, the sky blue top and lower cabinets in this kitchen in Northern California blend midcentury contemporary and Caribbean inspirations.

Sky Blue Kitchen Cabinets

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19. Sage Green Cabinetry

Sage green cabinetry in this Ashley Montgomery Design modern farmhouse kitchen creates a calming, classic vibe.

If you find plain white to be too stark for your taste, sage green is a terrific option to get away from that appearance and yet maintain a place that looks lovely and fresh. Again, leaving off higher cabinets might also give the impression that a room is larger.

Sage Green Cabinetry

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20. Deep Teal Cabinets

Saturated turquoise paint on the small kitchen island and lower cabinets in this British family kitchen by Studio Peake gives pop and contrast with the dark wood cabinetry while enhancing the classic design of the space.

Deep Teal Cabinets

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21. Creamy White Cabinetry

It looks great when combined with other muted, cozy colors. A coat of Creamy would enhance any kitchen wall and any kitchen cabinets and décor. This painted kitchen cabinet inspiration would also look fantastic in natural light.

Creamy White Cabinetry

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There are several reasons why cream-colored cabinets are a popular option. They may provide brightness and a sense of spaciousness to a space.

Additionally, the hue has a timeless, classic appearance that goes well with a variety of design motifs. Furthermore, a kitchen with creamy white cabinetry might feel cozy and welcoming.

22. Candy Pink Painted Cabinets

A wall of painted candy pink cabinets defines the home bar area in an open-concept kitchen designed by White Sands in Venice, California.

Candy Pink Painted Cabinets

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23. Navy Cabinets

These kitchen cabinets were painted a deep navy blue by Ashley Montgomery Design, which has grown to be a go-to modern hue that goes with everything and adds a pop of color that feels both modern and classic.

Navy Cabinets

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24. Pearl Gray Painted Cabinetry

Pearl gray cabinets in this Fantastic Frank Scandinavian minimalist kitchen contrast with the light blond hardwood floors, mixed metals, and muted pink walls.

Pearl Gray Painted Cabinetry

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25. Gray + White Kitchen Cabinets

The medium-toned gray bottom cabinets in this bright and airy kitchen from Cathie Hong Interiors prevent the space from being unduly monotonous, and different metals provide interest to the otherwise monochromatic space.

Gray + White Kitchen Cabinets

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26. Coastal Blue Kitchen Cabinets

This coastal blue kitchen features white vertical shiplap walls that are complemented with wraparound upper and lower cabinetry in a medium-toned grayish blue and is one of the most popular painted kitchen cabinet inspirations.

Coastal Blue Kitchen Cabinets

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27. All-Over Blue Cabinets

Handmade cabinetry in a medium-toned matte navy blue gives this kitchen by Michelle Berwick Design a sleek look that doesn't overshadow the light-filled space.

All-Over Blue Cabinets

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The cabinetry is completed with bar stools upholstered in navy velvet that contrast with the light wood and gold-toned accents.

28. Greige Painted Cabinets

This modern farmhouse kitchen by Jessica Nelson Design features painted light grey cabinetry that adds warmth and is paired with a combination of glossy brass and antique bronze door knobs and pulls.

Greige Painted Cabinets

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29. Blue + Cream Painted Cabinetry

The painted blue door panels that highlight the cream cabinetry in this kitchen's adjoining butler's pantry by Ashley Montgomery Design give the cabinets a unique, nostalgic appearance.

Blue + Cream Painted Cabinetry

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30. Dove Gray Cabinets + Mustard Walls

Shaker cabinets in a cold dove gray hue contrast with warm mustard walls in this historic British kitchen by deVOL Kitchens—a timeless mix.

Dove Gray Cabinets + Mustard Walls

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If your kitchen feels boring and you feel like its design is getting too old, it is time to look for new painted kitchen cabinet ideas.

There are many various kitchen cabinet paint ideas, but in this post, we selected the most popular color ideas for painting kitchen cabinets.

We have also included some of the best-painted cabinet ideas for small kitchens that make your kitchen look larger and brighter.

Let us know if this post is useful for you.